How to Make Personalized Coloring Books

This is a fun and easy way to make personalized coloring books- and it’s mess free!

My kids love to create and color. But I hate the mess. Handing my 3 year old a box of markers is just a disaster waiting to happen. So I was so excited when I found this mess free paper from NuFun Activities.

personlized coloring book

How to create mess free personalized coloring books

Step 1: Create Coloring Pages

My 3 year old and I sat down at my computer and google image searched for a few different coloring pages of his favorite things- for example, I googled “monster truck coloring pages” or “dinosaur coloring pages”.

google image search

When we found a picture he liked, I right-clicked on that image and saved it to my computer. Then we went into Microsoft Word and inserted the image, along with Hank’s caption, for each of his favorite things.

Step 2: Print Coloring Pages on Mess Free Paper

I used this mess free paper from NuFun Activities that I found on Amazon. I just printed on this paper on my regular printer.

mess free paper

Before I printed on my mess free paper, I printed a test print first. Once I had my printer settings correct, I just printed each page on it’s own sheet of mess free paper.

mess free coloring

Step 3: Bind Coloring Book

I used my trusty crop-a-dile punch to punch holes in my paper and insert eyelets. This will hold my paper together. You could also use brads, ribbon, string, or whatever you have on hand. You could even put these into a 3 ring binder.

mess free coloring

Set 4: Color Mess Free

You can use whatever mess free markers you want, and let your kids go to town.

Hank thought this paper was the coolest thing ever! He couldn’t figure out why the markers wouldn’t write on his hands, the table, and everything else. But he could color on the paper. He called it ” magic paper ” .

Hank was so proud of his own personalized coloring book! He loved picking out the pictures, helping me write the words, and now he’s showing it to anyone who will look at it. And I loved making this with him because it was really fast and easy. Best of all, there is NO MESS!!!

I can definitely see us using this fun method to create books for church, in the car, or to take with us when we go to the Dr’s office. I love that I didn’t have to worry about what my 3 year old was writing on, because of this really cool ” magic paper “.

This post was sponsored by NuFun Activities . All ideas, opinions, and that cute little red head are 100% my own.

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