How to Etch a Glass Dish

I completely forgot that I was going to show you how I make sure I get my dishes back if I take them to someone for dinner, or to a BBQ, family party, or whatever…

Until yesterday.

I was thinking of what to take to a bridal shower I have coming up. I was assigned to bring a gift for the kitchen, and since I’ve been wanting to etch some of my dishes anyway, I thought  that would be a perfect gift for the bride-to-be.



Here’s how I etched my glass dishes and one for a gift too:

This method will work on most glass dishes. The first time I did this, we did it as an activity for our church woman’s organization (Relief Society). A few of the older women brought dishes they’ve had for who knows how long, and the dishes would not etch. For today, I used mostly Pyrex, and an Anchor brand dish, and they all worked.


Pick out a saying or a design. I used my Cricut to cut my sayings out of vinyl, but you can also use contact paper, and an X-acto knife if you’d rather.

Remove the letters, leaving just your vinyl. You’ll need to leave some around the edge, like a stencil. (the brown part is the vinyl.)

Make sure you do your letters flipped.


Then stick your vinyl or contact paper onto the bottom outside of your dish, like so. Make sure it’s on the outside of the dish, not the inside.


Then you take some of this Armour Etch and smear it on the letters or design.

This stuff is PRICEY (notice the pricetag… good thing I used a coupon.) But it will last a long time! I did about 10 dishes, and didn’t even make a dent in it.


Smear it on. You want it pretty thick.

I did this outside, on the grass, for two reasons:

I didn’t want it to get on anything inside, and I didn’t want fumes (I don’t think there were any fumes),

And, the kids were outside playing, so I did this while I watched them. (was that 3 reasons? oops.)


Once it’s on, let it sit for 5 minutes.

Yes, that is a spray paint mark on the grass. I like to craft outside.


After it sits for 5 minutes, rinse off the Etching cream and then pull off your vinyl or contact paper.

Make sure to wash your dishes really good after your done. And remember, people, this is PERMANENT!!!! So don’t put this stuff anywhere you don’t want it to stay. Oh yeah, and keep it away from your kids and pets… we don’t want them permanently etched. (Joking! Don’t leave me a nasty comment.)

And there you have it.

Easy as pie! (Pie Plate)


This casserole dish the wedding gift with their last name (and ours- the groom-to-be is our cousin). I’ll throw in a cake mix or hot pads to make it a complete gift.


Swirly bowl.


Swirly pie plate.


Casserole Dish from the Kitchen of Mrs. Dalpias (pronounce Dal-pass).


Small Casserole Dish with swirls and our last name.


Round Casserole Dish with Swirls.


Bread Pan “Home Made by: Mrs. Dalpias”


And another Casserole Dish with our last name.


You really could etch any glass or mirror you have. I did all of my Pyrex today, but you could also do your cups, plates, picture frames, windows, mirrors, cake domes, etc.

If you etch something, send me a picture. I’d love to see it!


  1. I’m suprised you manage to get it to etch on Pyrex. From most posts I’ve seen and general info, plus my own experience wih pyrex, it doesn’t etch very well, can barely see the design. Works great on normal glass though. Is it genuine Pyrex?

  2. I am sure if you were to post your request on a social media page, most likely one of your friends would have a Cricut. Millions of people have Cricuts. Most of them love to share their creativity. So as long as you are not picky. They would love to do a design for you and send it to you.

    Good Luck!

  3. I am sure if you ask on Facebook if someone has a Cricut. Will they cut you a design for cheap. There a million people who own a Cricut.

  4. Have you ever put the design on the inside of the dish? The Pyrex I’ve found have logos and cover the bottom 🙁

    1. Ava, I purchase my vinyl online at expressions vinyl. You can google them or find them on Facebook. They are also a sponsor of mine and their link is on the right side of my blog.

    1. Can I buy the letters somewhere already cut so all I have to do is put them on the bottom of the dish I would need in reverse how do I know I’m getting the right ones I already bought two packages but they are not reversed and against this stuff can get pricey

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