Homemade Twix Cookies Recipe

Homemade Twix Cookie Recipe

Every year at Christmas time, my friends get together for a cookie exchange party. It is so fun to get together with my friends, but every year I get a little bit of anxiety knowing they’ll all bring beautiful, fancy cookies… and I’ll be in the corner, sweating, hoping my cookies look nice enough and don’t taste like cardboard. Anyone else with me on that? Just me? Ooookay. So this year, I’m bringing these homemade twix cookies, and they are going to knock everyone’s socks off!

Homemade Twix Cookie Recipe

They’ll all think I slaved away in the kitchen for hours, when really, this is such a simple recipe. If you can make sugar cookies or shortbread… you can make these. 

These homemade twix cookies are a shortbread cookie (which is the easiest recipe ever), with caramel and chocolate layers on top. I homemade my caramel, but you totally don’t have to! You could buy some of these caramels and nobody would ever know you didn’t make them yourself. And the chocolate on top is just melted chocolate chips! You can’t get any easier than that!

Homemade Twix Cookie Recipe

Oh, and while we’re talking about cookies… anytime I bake cookies, I use my Silicone Baking Mat and my favorite cookie sheet. Whenever I use these together, I get a perfectly golden cookie, and avoid that crunchy bottom we all hate! I won’t make cookies without them. Amazon has the best price I’ve ever seen on both the Silicone Baking Mats and the heavy duty cookie sheet, so do yourself a favor and buy them! You can even put them under your tree for Santa to bring, I’m sure your cookie-loving husband will be thrilled! Haha.

Homemade Twix Cookie Recipe

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  1. I and my girlfriends loved these cookies! Very delicious, and they kept for a good while in the fridge. I’ll definitely be making these again for an upcoming Christmas party.

  2. They are awesome. I would think twix had changed their form factor to a round cookie if I didn’t know better. I’m actually eating one right now!

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