Homemade Donuts (using Rhodes frozen dough)

I am a sucker for bread. I absolutely love pastries, rolls, danishes, buns… give me anything packed full of carbs, and I’m good. But, fry those carbs up and schmear (yes, I said schmear) sugary frosting on top, and I am SMITTEN!!! That’s right folks, I’m talking about a good old fashioned donut. I love me a good donut. And I really love to make donuts, but I’m not going to lie, dough and I don’t get along. I can never seem to make the dough turn out just right. So when I found out you could make homemade donuts using Rhode’s frozen dough, I was SOLD!!! 

 These homemade donuts taste just as delicious as they look! My family devoured them within a few minutes, which made me glad I didn’t spend all day slaving over them. These little guys are really quick and easy to make.

 Would you like to make your own? 

You’ll need:

Rhodes frozen roll dough
Frying oil
Your favorite buttercream icing (thinned out a little)
Toppings of your choice

Click over to the Rhodes Blog, where I shared this recipe, to CONTINUE READING.


  1. Ii made Maple Bars & Bear Claws too Sooooo good Just shape 2 rolls like a bar an fry an for bear claw I used chopped apples that I cooked tell tender an rolled them into dough then shape like a claw Looks store bought!!

  2. Hello! I just stumble upon your post on making these delicious looking donuts!!

    The link to RHODES is no longer… can you share WHICH frozen roll dough you used?


    1. I’m pretty sure any brand of frozen bread dough would work. I use the local store brand and it turns out great! I have even used the biscuits that come in a pop can. I use a cap from a soda bottle to make the holes and then fry them up too lol

    2. I was looking for the recipe on the Rhodes site too but it’s not there. I guess I’ll Google for other frozen dough donut recipes

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