Happy Baby Wrap Review (and giveaway!)

If you follow me on Instagram (and you should!), you know I just had a baby. Baby number 4 (holy cow, people!!!!) We are all so thrilled and excited to have him here. He is a dream baby, and we are all in love! But I’m starting to realize 4 kids isn’t as easy as it sounds (and it doesn’t really sound very easy). So I’ve been looking for ways to simplify my life and make this baby raising business a little easier on all of us.

One way I found to make having a newborn easier is by using a baby wrap. I got my wrap from Happy Baby Wrap, and I am in love with it! Happy Baby Wraps are made from SUPER soft bamboo, are the cutest colors ever (hello gray stripes!) and are super soft for the baby.

We had our first family outing to the park today, and I wore baby Hank in my Happy Baby Wrap. The minute I put him in it, he fell asleep and slept the entire time we were at the park. A little outdoors time is just what this mama and my three bigger kids needed! It was a GLORIOUS afternoon spent outside, and I couldn’t have done it without my wrap!


Then tonight we went to our County Fair. Yeah, I get a little stir crazy if I sit home… I need to get out! Which is why having a baby wrap is so great for me!

 We had a great time at the fair! Keeping the baby wrapped up next to me kept him happy and asleep the ENTIRE time we were there, it kept strangers’ hands away from him, and it helped me be able to enjoy the fair with my family, while keeping my hands free to help my other 3 kids!

Seriously, guys, I love my wrap so much! I want to give one away to one of YOU!!!  Would you like to win one of your own Happy Baby Wraps? It is perfect for new mamas, or for baby shower gifts! Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.

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