How to Build a Frame for Engineer Prints (free building plans)

I’m so excited to show you how to build a frame for engineer prints.

DIY engineer print frame

Have you guys seen these cool big engineer prints all over pinterest? They make such a huge statement in a space. I just made one for my daughter’s room and I fell in love with it. So I knew I wanted more of these big engineer prints in my home.  

I decided I wanted to hang some of my favorite documents from my church above my dining table. These prints are from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints– you can find the free printables for those here: Modern LDS prints.

When I did an engineer print in my daughter’s room, I bought a cheap poster frame from Amazon, but I knew I wanted more of a modern farmhouse look in my dining room, so I decided to build my frames instead of buying them, and guess what? They turned out SOO great! And you can’t beat the price- less than $30 in supplies to build all three!


How to Build a Frame for Engineer Prints

****** PLEASE NOTE: The directions below are for THREE frames, like I have shown above.  ******


4- 1×2 boards  (I like to use Select Pine Boards, because they are a lot straighter and nicer to work with. But they are a little more expensive.)
Brad Nailer
1 1/4″ brad nails (I love this variety pack)
1- 4×8 sheet 1/8″ hardboard
Table Saw
Miter Saw
Wood Glue

Cut List: 

Please note that this cut list is for THREE frames. If you only want one frame, you will need to adjust accordingly.

6- 24″ 1×2 boards cut at 45 degrees (see plans below)  
6- 36″ 1×2 boards cut at 45 degrees
3- backing pieces (you will want to measure your frame inset to get exact measurements before cutting the backing)

Engineer Print Frame building plans

To create a bevel for the backing of the frame in the 1×2’s, you will run each board through the table saw. You do this by setting the blade to 1/4″ high and cutting off the width of the blade (1/8″)- see the diagram below. 

frame board diagram

See the diagram below for cutting your frame backing pieces. You can use a table saw or circular saw.

frame backing cut sheet


1. Cut frame pieces

Start by cutting your frame pieces. See cut list above.

2. Dry Fit

Fit your 1×2’s together to create a rectangle.  

Engineer Print Frame building plans

3. Build Frame

Use wood glue and 1 1/4″ brad nails to attach the frame together.

4. Measure & Cut Backing Pieces

Measure the beveled part of your frame, where you backing piece will lay. Cut your backing pieces to fit (see cut diagram above).


5. Mount & Insert Print

I just taped mine to the back of the frame backing piece. But you could use spray adhesive or any method you’d like to get it on the backing. 

(If you want the prints I have in my frames, you can get my free LDS modern prints or the free inspirational print I put in my daughter’s room.)

Attach backing piece to the frame. Once again, I taped my backing onto the back of my frame, but you could glue or nail it into place if you’d like. I have had mine hanging on my wall for a few weeks and haven’t had a problem with them staying in place.

6. Hang your frames.

It is up to you how you would like to hang your frames, but I will share how I did this. 

Before I placed my print in the frame, I drilled a hole in the center top of the frame. Then, I screwed a grabber screw into my wall- either into a stud, or using a drywall anchor.

Then I used these command strips, and placed them in all 4 corners of my frame.

Then I hung my frames on the screw, one at a time, and used a 4 foot long level (a long level is a great investment- find one on Amazon or Home Depot) to check for level. Once my frame was level, I pressed the command strips against the wall so the frame won’t budge now!

And there you have it! A super simple build that will fill an entire wall for under $30!

LDS modern art

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DIY engineer print frame

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  1. Hi! Could you please share the stain color you used in these frames. I love everything about them. And thank you for sharing your prints as well. I’ve been wanting them and you’re so kind to share them for free.

  2. I really would like to make these frames, but I live a very humid climate… I’m wondering if you have any tips for preserving the prints properly inside these “glassless” frames? I am nervous about paper curling up, et.c

  3. I might just cry finding this post!! Thank you. I’ve been searching for weeks trying to find the best tutorial to make this exact thing. I really appreciate you taking the time to post this. I’ll have to share it once I’ve finished mine! Thank you!!

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