Dresser Re-do

My sister, Tami had her first baby on the 4th of July. She and her husband, Nick, are such cute parents, and I love watching them with their sweet little boy. I’m so happy to have her guest post on my blog today.
Here she is…
Anyone that knows my dear husband (Nick) knows that he is a man that loves projects.  This week he randomly decided he would redo our baby Luke’s dresser.
We didn’t take any real good “before” pictures and the only one I could find is this one we took of Luke’s room a couple months before he was born.  Look past the excersaucer and you’ll see the nasty brown dresser.
The funny thing about this dresser is that I bought it when I was in high school from the thrift store.  It was even ugly then.  I don’t know why I never fixed it up.  The drawers didn’t all slide easily and about half of the drawer handles were missing. It has been passed around the family until we decided we could probably use it for Luke’s room since we really didn’t have a dresser for him.  It has since been just sitting in his room sucking the life out of the room.  It was ugly as could be.  Nick thought it would be a good idea to paint it.  He said it would add color in to his very colorless room without having to paint the walls.
Anyway, on to the redo…
First Nick took all the drawers out and took off the handles.
 Then he sanded all of the actual dresser.
 He sanded the top…
And the drawers.  (Don’t let him fool you, he’s really happy.)
 See.  Projects make this boy happy.
More sanding.
Then he painted it with primer (sorry we forgot to take a picture of that part) and then he painted it with the base coat color.
 We got our blue paint at home depot.  They have an “oops” area where they sell paint that was tinted wrong so we found a jug for $2.  I’m hoping this will match his room a little.
After painting it, he sanded the edges to give it a distressed look.  He was careful not to sand it too much.
Then he screwed on the new hardware we bought for handles.
And he put it all back together and we had a finished dresser!  Perfect for our little boy’s room!
Now I have two happy boys!
 (Now what am I going to find for him for the next project?)
If you are worried about wear and tear, make sure you add a top coat to your paint.

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