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DIY Built In Bookcase

DIY Built In Bookcase

I am so excited to show you how I built this DIY Built In Bookcase.

Built in Bookcase DIY

How to Build a Built-In-Bookshelf

  1. Buy Plywood

    For this project, I used 3/4 inch birch plywood from the Home Depot.

    3/4 birch plywood

  2. Cut Wood

    Head over to download my free building plans. The cut list as well as step by step instructions are included there. Then come back here for the step by step process.Bookshelf Building Plans

  3. Drill Pocket Holes

    Use a pocket hole jig to drill pocket holes. (I love my Kreg Jig- find it on Amazon or at Home Depot)
    Pocket Holes kreg Jig

  4. Build Carcass

    Using wood glue and pocket hole screws, attach the top and bottom shelves to one of your side panels of your bookshelf. This will create three sides of your bookshelf carcass. I used this right angle square to keep my boards square and level.

    right angle square

  5. Assemble Shelves

    Using wood glue and pocket hole screws, attach the remaining shelves to the side panels of your bookshelf.building bookshelf

  6. Finish Assembly

    Once the shelves are assembled, add your next side panel. I used my right angle clamp to make sure my bookshelf stayed square.

    right angle clamp

  7. Install Bookshelf

    Once you have your bookshelf built, you will install it into your space. Once installed, you can trim it out to create the look of a built in. Follow my step by step guideline for how to trim out a bookshelf.

    built in bookcase

Find my free bookcase building plans, here: Free Boookcase building plans

If you used this tutorial in your own home, I would love to see photos and share them here on my blog! Please email completed photos to

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Andreea M. Zaharcu

Thursday 14th of November 2019

I was just thinking that I need something to store my materials. And this is the perfect idea :) I think I already know what I will do this weekend. Thank you for sharing.