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DISCLOSURE  |  This post is sponsored by Gululu. All opinions and ideas of how to get kids to drink more water are my own. As always, I never recommend anything I wouldn’t use in my own home.

kids drink more water

I am a mom to 4 young kids, ages 2 to 9. My kids are like every other kid on the planet- they are super active and busy! And since they are so active and busy, that means I am too! I have so many things to keep track of, that I never pay attention to how much water my kids are drinking. That was, until I realized that not drinking enough water was affecting both their health and their moods.

A few months ago, my 9 year old started complaining of having headaches. The first thing he would do when we walked in the door from school is guzzle a bunch of water. Then he would lay on the couch with his face in a pillow for a few hours until he was able to function again. After a few weeks of this, I realized that his headaches were caused by dehydration! He was playing so hard and staying so busy that he never stopped to drink water. Sure he got a sip from the drinking fountain here or there, but his active little body needed a lot more water than that. 

cool waterbottle drink more water

So when I heard of Gululu water bottles, I knew I wanted to try them out for my kids. We ordered them from Amazon, which was good because we couldn’t stand waiting more than 2 days to get them in the mail. I was a little apprehensive about ordering them because the price point on these water bottles is pretty high. My kids’ health is my number one priority, though, and these water bottles have helped them stay hydrated. They turned out to be pretty amazing little things- besides getting my kids to drink more water, they are super fun and interactive.

cool waterbottle drink more water

The best way I can describe Gululu water bottles is that they are like nano pets (or tamagotchi’s) from when I was little. Please tell me you remember those- I loved those little things so much! These water bottle are similar because they have little interactive creatures that learn different skills, play games, and evolve as the kids drink more water. My kids can also pair their water bottles together and their little creatures become friends with each other. It has been so much fun for them to play and interact with each other.

cool waterbottle drink more water

Their water bottles connect (via WiFi) to the Gululu app on my phone, so I can monitor their water bottles. On my app, I specify what their daily water goal is, I can see how much water they are drinking during the day, and I can see who their friends are that they’ve connected with.

cool waterbottle drink more water

I can also set limits, so their pets won’t play with them during certain hours, like while they are at school. I also set a bedtime, so they can still drink out of their bottles at night, but they can’t play with them. 

cool waterbottle drink more water

Each water bottle has it’s own wireless charging dock, which my kids keep on their nightstands by their beds. Since I’ve set their bottles to sleep at bedtime, they don’t play with their water bottles at night, but they have them handy if they need a drink. While the bottles are on their chargers, they wirelessly download any new content or software updates. We did have a problem with our bottles not connecting together (as friends) or updating. But after a few hours of charging and updating on their docks, they were just fine. Now we definitely make sure our bottles are docked each night.

cool waterbottle drink more water

Since these bottles were more money than I typically spend on a water bottle, I was nervous about handing them over to my kids to take care of. But they are really durable. I don’t think my kids would be able to break them, even if they tried. Plus I felt good spending the money because Gululu partners with; for every bottle purchased, a child in a developing country will be provided with clean drinking water for life. 

cool waterbottle drink more water

Gululu water bottles have definitely impressed me. I knew my kids needed to drink more water, and they are definitely doing that with their new water bottles. If you are worried about your child not drinking enough water, I would recommend these water bottles. My kids have had so much fun and my 9 year old has been headache free for a while now. That makes this mom very happy!

cool waterbottle drink more water


You guys know that I don’t recommend anything that I don’t actually use and love. That’s why I wanted to give you guys an update on these water bottles. When I wrote this post, we had used the water bottles for about 3 or 4 days. Now ee have had our Gululu water bottles for a few months, and I want to give you my opinion about them since we’ve been using them.

While they were really fun in the beginning, my kids have lost interest in them. They were SO much fun at first, but the excitement quickly wore off. Every now and then, one of the kids will gain interest again, but for the most part, the water bottles have just been sitting around unused.

We also seem to be constantly having trouble with the software updating, which causes frustration for my kids, and they lose interest in using them because they can’t get them to work properly.  To top it off, I have found that the app drains the battery on my phone- no bueno! I definitely think these water bottles are fun and I could see them working, but for my kids and my family, I would not recommend them because the price point is SO high that I expected so much out of them. Basically, the excitement about them did not last, so I cannot give these a good review.


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