The One Thing I Changed that Made Me a Better Wife and Mom

how to be a better mom

Today I’m sharing the one thing I changed to make me a better wife and mom.

I married my husband, the Italian Stallion, right before I turned 21. Within a year and a half, we had our first child. And now, 10 years later, we just had our 4th baby. In my 10 years of being a wife and mother, there are a lot of things I’ve learned.

I can whip up a batch of cookies in under 10 minutes flat, I know the best way to get poop, spit up, play-doh, (and pretty much any other substance) out of carpet, I can stealthily open and consume a full bag of chocolate chips (these ones!) without anyone knowing, and I could sing you every song from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

You might think with all my motherly knowledge (ha!), I am the perfect wife and mother. Oh wow! That could not be farther from the truth! I feel like my life can get into a funk pretty easily.

My house is constantly a mess, I’m forgetting appointments, I don’t remember the last time I showered, and I can’t find two matching socks to save my life.

There are days when I get to 5:00 pm, and I feel like I haven’t gotten a darn thing accomplished, everyone’s grumpy, and my voice is gone from yelling so much during the day.

So, I decided something had to change, and I’m so glad I made this one little change in my life, because I feel like a much better wife and mother because of it.

The one thing I changed that made me a better wife and mom is having a good morning routine. That’s it. I have found that when I am put together in the morning, my day goes so much smoother.

And when my day goes smoother, I am happier, everyone else is happier, and we are a happier family. To put it simply, I am a better wife and mom when I create a better morning routine.

Here are a the things I learned I could do to make my mornings better, and in turn, change my entire day.

how to be a better mom

Wake up before the kids

My husband has to be to work pretty early, so he’s up each morning at 6 am. I am not. Well, I used to not. He would get ready in the dark, and leave me asleep in the bed with a goodbye kiss.

Then I wouldn’t wake up until my kids came bounding in, asking to be fed (for some reason, they keep wanting me to feed them!).  I would hardly even get out of bed before they needed to be out the door to school.

So our mornings seemed to consist of me yelling at them to hurry and grab a bowl of cereal and get ready for school while I struggled to get out of bed. Poor kids.

Not that they had to eat cereal for breakfast (we love cereal!), or that they had to hurry and get ready for school. But poor kids because this is how they see their mom every morning, before they leave me for the entire day at school.

Before the day has even began, I’m already behind, I’m already yelling at them, they’re already feeling upset, and I’m already feeling like the day has gone down the drain.

So NOW… I wake up when my husband does (I think this alarm is genius). We get ready together. I make him lunch before he goes to work. Yes, I know, it’s very June Cleaver of me.

And guess what, he loves it! I always thought he liked kissing my sleeping face goodbye. Apparently he likes my awake face better. Who knew? Then once he leaves for work, I have almost an hour to myself before the kids need to be up and going to school.

I can get my day in order, and when they wake up, I’m not a grouch. I have a much better outlook when I feel like I’ve got a good start to my day. Now, let me warn you in advance, this is hard for some of us.

It requires a little advance preparation. You might need to set an alarm (or 5), you’ll probably need to skip the Netflix binge at night and go to bed earlier. And if you have a baby up all night (bless your heart), you will struggle with this one.

But I do the best I can to be up and going at an early hour. It has made all the difference in my life, and I promise it will make you feel better about your day too.

Keep my phone off

I’m not going to lie, I am addicted to my phone. There, I said it. Every morning, the first thing I do (or used to do), after I yelled to the kids to make their own cereal, was check my phone.

I would lay in bed and check my Instagram, Facebook, email, etc. I did not get out of bed until I was sure the world of social media had not ended. Guys, what a waste of time.

While my poor children were eating their sugar cereal all alone, dressing themselves, and heading out the door, I was still laying in bed, on my phone. FAIL.

Another thing my phone does to me is makes me feel behind. Before I even get out of bed, I am behind. I have a thousand emails I need to respond to, I’ve got text messages waiting for me, phone calls to make, and that’s not even mentioning how terrible I feel about my life when I log in to Pinterest.

So I decided to just stop. I’m giving myself a few minutes in the morning to gain some traction before I turn on your phone and let the world in.

I used to keep my calendar on my phone, so it was my excuse for keeping it with me all the time. Now I use this paper planner from Amazon that I LOVE, and besides not having my phone in my face all day, I actually feel a lot more organized and prepared too.

Another thing that has helped me feel better about keeping my phone plugged in and out of my face was pairing my cell phone to my home phone (I have this home phone set from Amazon, and it works so great!).

So now when people call me, it rings to my home phone, and I don’t feel like I have to keep my cell phone in my hand all day- it’s been so nice!

I have made it a goal not to even look at my cell phone or turn on the computer or TV until after everyone is dressed, fed, and the older kids are off to school.

My phone is not my number one priority. My family is my number one priority. And honestly, I only get to see their faces for a few minutes before everyone has gone their separate ways- to school and work- for the day.

I don’t want them to see my face hidden behind a device. I just don’t. And since I’ve changed this, we have much smoother mornings, and I feel so much more present with my family.


I’m just going to throw this one out as simply a suggestion. Because honestly, I cannot bring myself to regularly exercise in the mornings. I know I should.

And I know that when I do, I feel so much better the rest of the day. This one is a hard one for me. But I’m working on it.

Whenever I do exercise in the mornings, I feel better all day long. That’s the simple truth. When I exercise in the mornings (I love this video), I know I’ve done it for the day, I don’t have to try to squeeze it in later.

And I am better at eating healthier too. Exercise is so important, and making it a part of my morning routine helps me feel better, and when I feel better, I am a better wife and mom.

Get ready

I have always been that mom who shows up to pick up my kids AFTER school, still wearing my pajamas (yes, at 3:30 pm). Most days I don’t leave the house (except to take the kids to school and back), so I don’t even brush my teeth or put on a bra.

Oh my poor kids and husband. How embarrassing for them, right? Yeah. This one had to change.

I had my ah-ha moment one time when I made a quick Target run in a baseball hat, old t-shirt, yoga pants (yoga pants!) and tennis shoes. Luckily I had brushed my teeth and I was wearing a bra.

I was sure I would just run in quickly, grab what I needed, and be done. Of course that never happens. I saw an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. And I was mortified.

She looked like a super-mom. I thought, “she must have her life together”. Simply because she was dressed, had her hair done, even had a little makeup on. Apparently that’s more than I can muster on a daily basis.

So I changed that. As part of my morning routine, I get myself ready. It’s true that most days, I’m at home doing laundry. And that’s fine.

But I get dressed (bra included), do my hair (even if it’s just a ponytail), and brush my teeth. I feel so much better now.

I feel like less of a slob. I don’t embarrass my kids, and imagine my husband’s delight when I actually shower once or twice a week. HA!

Straighten the house

I don’t know about you guys, but if my house is clean, all is well in the world. I honestly struggle so bad to keep my house clean. And once my house is a mess, everything else goes down the drain.

So now, as part of my morning routine, I open the blinds and let the morning sun come in the windows (it’s amazing what a little sunshine can do for the soul).

Then I make my bed, and do a quick pick-up and get the house straightened. Deep cleaning can wait, but in the mornings I do quick things like start a load of laundry, empty the dishwasher, and wipe the counters.

If there are things on the floor from yesterday, I quickly pick them up. That’s it. I use a cleaning schedule for day to day stuff, but in the mornings, I simply get my home to the point that if someone stops by unexpectedly, I won’t feel mortified.

If you are doing this daily, it is SO much easier to keep up on. I always say “It’s easier to keep up than to catch up”, and it’s so true. Having a clean house just makes everyone happier.

And even though my house isn’t even close to spotless, it’s less of a pig-sty. And I feel like a better wife and mom because of it.

Make a to-do list

One thing that is sure to make me feel like I’m a bad wife or mom is when I forget something I was supposed to do or somewhere I was supposed to go.

Forgetting to take your kid to a birthday party is sure to put a damper on everyone’s day. Or not realizing that you volunteered to help in your kid’s class until they text you wondering where you are… yeah, that sucks.

So I’ve started making lists (and keeping up on my calendar) as part of my morning routine. I love lists. I have a printable to-do list I use, and those cute little notepads in the Target dollar spot get me every time!

I also REALLY love this to-do list pad from Amazon. So now in the morning, I make a list of things I need to get done in the day, places I need to go, etc. I even put things that are sure to be done- or not so sure to be done some days- like brush your teeth, make your bed, feed the children.

It feels SO GOOD to cross something off my list. And let’s be honest, I make sure that list is highly visible when my husband gets home from work. I want the world (or at least him) to know that I got something accomplished during the day.

I also use chore charts for my kids, which they love. And I use a cleaning schedule for me, which I love. If we know in the morning what we are supposed to be doing that day, we have less surprises, less meltdowns (from the kids and me), and it seems like we get things done a lot easier.

Seriously guys, having a good morning routine is key for me to be a good wife and mom. I have implemented these things in my morning routine, and it’s made all the difference in the world.

I know that not everyone can do every one of these things in their morning, but for me, as a stay at home mom, these things have worked. It’s amazing how just getting my mornings together has changed my day, and in turn, my husband and kids’ days too.

So, what would you add to this list? Is there anything you do every morning that helps your day get off to a good start and helps you be a better wife and mom? Leave your tips in the comments, I’d love to hear them.

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  1. One thing that I learned is that when you wear a dress, it feels like pajamas it is easy to throw on with no matching to do and you instantly look like you have your stuff together. I have not worn pants in years. I live in Florida so dresses and flip flops all year work. I loved packing my Husband lunch and getting his uniforms ready. Some made comments like this is not 1950 but let me tell you, my husband hears his friends complain that the wife let herself go and does not care to make him feel appreciated. He would come home and say Thank You and I would ask For what ? He would say thank you for caring about yourself and us. We met at 13 & he was 18. we married when I turned 18 and have been married 32 years so something is working!

  2. This literally made me lol. My 4th child is 7 weeks old and I can relate to waking before the children. It also is a game (day) changer for me! The only thing I would add is alone time with the Lord. Without His strength and peace, I wouldn’t make it. I try to not just leave Him there in the mornings either. It is preferable for me to carry Him with me throughout my day.

  3. this is was exactly what i needed to read

    i am a working mother i have two little kids that i barely play with holding my phone the whole day doing nothing just checking here and there

    i thing giving up the phone and prepare early before for the next day will be the only great escape.

    thank you very much for these truthfully written words

  4. me and my (common law) husband are going on 13 years together we met when i was just finishing up an extra semester of high school (i was 18 he was 22). we now have 3 kids and a 4th on it’s way reading this made me feel a lot better because i see so many ppl who look so put together and wondered if i was a bad mom and wife because i forget things i yell and cry a lot i use to be so good at this, always had my place looking nice took good care of my kids then we hit a bump in the road, had to move in with my mother in-law than found a new place to live at the same time as finding out i had a 3rd one on the way. i was working full time come home cooking and dishes was split between my husband and i, he wasn’t work a lot at that time his hours got cut so he did the house cleaning then, then i had my daughter finally a girl after two boy that are always fighting each other then the postpartum kicked in and i joined a group for mom’s with postpartum that helped till it ended and i didn’t have those mom’s anymore. now she’s 3 and my house looks horrible even after i clean you cant even tell i did anything, except the dishes because they’re drying in the rack. i have more stuff than i have room for and feel like a can’t do anything right any more i will try out all this and pray i find my way back to being a good wife and mom again because i love my family so much and so much of the time feel like they deserve so much better than frumpy old me!

  5. I have an eight month old and I’m practically the same way… addicted to my phone…house always a mess ……. And that make my boyfriend upset to come home from work to see the house the way it is…..I’ma start to try this thanks for the advice

  6. I would add make your coffee the night before and set the time so it’s made for you when you wake up!! All great ideas!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Do you have cameras in my house??? This article was spot on! It reminded me of some of the habits I have let slip that make my life easier. My biggest downfall is going to bed super (super) late. Thanks for the realness in this article and thank you for the reminders.

    All the best,

  8. This is such a wonderful post! I found myself this morning being overwhelmed with wanting to be a good wife and mom but just feeling altogether grumpy. I was able to relate to everything that you said and I found it to be so encouraging! I am going to create a to-do list for all to see and also for the first time and go I’m going to include chores on it for the boys I have three of them.

  9. Great advice thank you. The only problem is that 6am would feel like a lie in for me. Both my husband and I are crawling around in the dark at 4.30am with our kids, 9 months and 3.5 years old. 6am….I wish!!!

    1. I hear you sister. I have a 5 month old and a 2.5 year old! But i am definitely going to give this a shot!

  10. Thank you for this post! Encouraging and practical. I appreciate SO MUCH your honesty. Yelling and Netflix binges happen here too! So many mom articles shame, discourage or feel artificial. This one does not. I read this a few weeks back and it was the push I needed to make changes to my routine. I’m revisiting it now after things got derailed over the holidays and find it motivating and helpful again. Thank you! God bless and keep up the good work.

  11. Seeing this here has made me realize that I am exactly like you! This makes me so happy to know that just a few changes in the morning is all it takes to have a happier husband. Thank you so much for this post. It has really inspired me to do better for myself and my husband.

  12. This is so true, i have the same routine. Get up at 6 or after the first snooze, 6:10, do not check phone!! Drink lemon water for hydration, I have a 20 minute cardio workout followed by a chocolate protein shake,then I hit the shower, hair make up and clothes, and then start getting the kids up, now its after 7, get them dressed as they refuse to dress themselves, my husband gets up walks our dog, Then breakfast, the kids normally eat now in front of the tv while I tidy the kitchen, make the bed, pick up pj’s and then I join them for max 5 mins before its brush teeth and leave for school which starts 8:20 and I work full time from 8:30 – 16:00, after work I get the kids come home to a tidy houae and i feel like a super mum its all about being in control and feeling amazimg. Now and again I hit the snooze too many timea or look at my phone have no time for my workout and then the day is a whole different day. I do habe to be in bed by 22;30 though otherwise all this is not possible. Well done you for being a supermum too. 4 kids is amazing

  13. I love your honesty. This post sounds just like me! I love sleeping in, but I always feel disappointed in myself when I don’t get things done, and I know my hubby would appreciate it if I woke up with him consistently. I don’t have kids yet, so I need to get these habits down before they come! Thank you for the epiphany!

  14. Thanks so much for your wisdom and for reminding me about the power of waking before my children. As a Mama to three young boys, the evenings have always been my time to breathe out. Unfortunately, this has meant I am later to bed and later to rise. My Mum often says “you can’t lead an army in your Pjs”, which I know to mean exactly what you have said in your post.
    A couple of ideas that have been helpful for me
    1. Try and get the kitchen dishes done at night. It makes a huge difference to the beginning of each day
    2. Lay my boys clothes out at night. That way, if we are short of anything I still have the chance to put a load of washing through that night.
    3. Give the boys a few jobs (age appropriate), each morning and have them get their jobs done before play begins. It means they can help out (in small and bigger ways), but once done it creates space.
    4. Noticing the times of the morning where my boys were fighting (and there is some crazy pattern to it), and try to create an alternate activity. In summer I get them to kick a ball outside. In winter my oldest son has read to the younger two for 20 mins as part of his pocket
    Money jobs). Invaluable! This one thing has transformed our home to make it much more harmonious.

    Thanks again for your post. Such an inspiring read.

    Nic (New Zealand)

  15. Good.. i’m like you ,i want to change my life too
    Thanks for your advices, ausome
    i’ll try to do these things

  16. Oh my goodness! Yes!! As a mom of 6 I can say you nailed it!! Although you did say one thing and I’m pretty much sure I counted six things Teasing! Anyways! I’ve got the waking up before kids thing/exercise/dressed thing down now most days! Lists, check! Needed to buy a planner for the last two months. Ran out of months and never replaced it! But it’s gold when it’s there! And lately I’ve been really trying to limit my phone/iPad consumption. Im actually wanting to schedule time for it. Being a homeschooling mom with an online business makes it tricky. My kids probably feel like I’m always working. Bleh. 5 down though and 1 to go

  17. It’s always so nice when you realize someone is going through the exact same struggles that you are! Seriously, word for word! I’ve known that my life is missing a morning routine for a while, but I’m at the up-all-night-with-a-baby stage. Some days we make it, other days we don’t and WOW, what a difference! Thanks for the cleaning schedule, my life has desperately been missing that too. And thank you for the reassurance that I’m not alone. 🙂

  18. This was a fantastic article you just described every detail of my daily routine. From now on I would like to continue reading anything else the you will write. And I will definitely take your advice of setting a nice morning routine every day. Thanks again

  19. You are dead on Girl!! Thank you this is exactly what I needed to hear to help me get a routine for my days, this was a God Send for me today!! Great writing by the way too 😉 You’ve found your calling!

  20. I’ve been doing this for many years. Of course I’m a grandma now and keep my grand babies daily. But I remember the days and actually miss them dearly. Great advice for mind today. I always hate started my day from behind. My kids have always said that I’m a “morning person” know my secret is out. Lol I just get up before them to have a bit of me time and prepare for the day. Everyone is happier that way.

  21. Thank you for that blog post! I was worried when I clicked on the pin that I was being sucked in by click-bait and it was another article to make me feel like a failure as a mom. You are so honest and don’t make yourself out to be perfect (which is very rare in mom blogs!). I’ll be following you from now on! 🙂

  22. Loved the post, and I am sure all mamas are this way at one point or another. Great read and super helpful!

  23. Wow, you just put every thought, feeling, emotion, stress and so much more down in black and white that crosses my mind so often!!! I swear I was writing this you said my life so perfectly!!! Love it and thank you for the great suggestion!!! I hate yelling before school and I want to be a better mom and wife!!!

  24. Omg this was the best! Thank you for admitting you’re not perfectly organized & that yelling actually occurs in your house! It was a refreshing read! !

  25. This article is so on point. My hubby has been amazing at waking up early, getting ready early and making us breakfast most days. I’ve felt so disheveled and down since our 2nd daughter was born. Definitely some post-partum blues but I love your suggestions. I look forward to implementing this and feeling put together. I’m going to surprise my family with this tomorrow! Thank you for your encouragement! I need this because I get down on myself in the mornings when my old clothes don’t fit and it makes me want to stay in my pjs. I lost 34 pounds but I’ve got 16 more to go! I feel like I’ll never be able to lose all the weight and get my body back. What a great idea to get a workout done in the morning before the day gets started.

  26. This is so far the most honest post I have ever read! Now for sure I feel like someone goes trough the same as I do. Truly inspiring post and now I know what I have to do to become a better mom! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  27. Oh my gosh…the article was just so inspiring.i am thirty and my mum has been on a similar strict morning routine, ever since I remember. No wonder she has been a perfect home maker. I tried but gave up many times , thinking itz a superwoman thing that my mom has been managing for decades esp since she is a stay at home mom….nd I go to work. You have inspired me to try it one last time, stick to it and even teach my daughter to do so.

  28. Excellent advice and I agree completely!! The one thing I do in the morning, before I start my hectic day, is bible study & prayer. This keeps me grounded and gives a positive note to my day 🙂

  29. This is exactly what I need. My 2 1/2 year old has just learned to start talking and most mornings she wakes me up saying “Good Morning Mommy” “Wake up mommy” ” C’mon let’s go!” I feel horrible and I’m tired all the time. In up till 3 usually not doing anything important.
    I need to start focusing on mornings.
    Thank you for this kick in the pants. So well written, and everything I needed to hear.

  30. This article articulates why I feel like a failure in life. I’ve been seriously considering getting a full time nanny because I feel I can’t do it. I will try these tips and see how I do. I can add to the list that I make it a point to make a green smoothie and fill up 2 water bottles of it in the morning. Complete with flax seeds and chia seeds and also take my vitamins. Keeps me energetic and like I’m making making myself and my own health a priority. Also as I end up eating bad kids food at some point In the day I can at least feel I’ve balanced my diet.

  31. Hi ..This in deed a very good article,i think have to incorporate all of your points in my daily life…Today when I opened Pinterest,i read this article.. attractive title… Every mother needs to incorporate in order calm down and make life easier…
    Thanks for this useful post…

  32. Thank you so much. This is what i needed to hear today. I have tried doing this for a couple of days now and am loving it. Am a working mom so i try to do most of the things the night before and waking up an an hour earlier than everyone giving me time to get ready in peace. Thanks for the article, love it 🙂

  33. This is so true! Getting my workout done in the morning while everyone else was asleep changed my days completely! Just curious if you have the same routine when school is out? My rule is, as long as you let mommy sleep in you can have screen time until I wake up . They are quiet little mouses in the morning because they know when I’m up the TV goes off

  34. I really needed to read this; what you describe is “Exactly” me!! I never comment on articles and I have not followed you (until now). It makes me feel better knowing that it’s not just my problem because I seriously was feeling like I must be very depressed to not be able to do these (simple) things that every other mom in my neighborhood (world) seemed to do…. I wish you knew how much you just described my life!! Thank you for acknowledging the reality of being a stay at home mom, wife, friend, sister and daughter.

  35. Wonderful post, so much I can relate to! Yep, the bag of chocolate chips and being a morning grump really hit home. When I (very recently) started getting up before the kids, I found we actually had time for a morning bike ride before they were off to school. What an amazing way to start the day with them. A real game changer.
    I also started putting out my clothes the night before – find it sooo much easier to get up and moving if my outfit is right there waiting for me. No wasted time and frustration rummaging around trying to find something comfortable that matches and fits!

  36. I read this last night before bed. I actually was in bed before 10! Lately I’ve been staying up way past my bed time. I have been grouchy, lazy and irritable. I woke up before everyone else and actually felt like I did something and felt like a better mom and wife. Thanks so much for this article 🙂

  37. When I start my day reading scriptures and saying a prayer, it allows me to prioritize better. Is there someone who needs help? Are there things I should do first? I can ask for help with the hard things & give thanks for my blessings. This makes a big difference for me!

  38. Love LOVE this post! I could not agree with you more! The Netflix, the phone, the grunginess – all things I am completely guilty of. Whenever I’m up early and have accomplished at least 3 thing before the little one is awake, is a such huge victory for me – even if it is just getting dressed having coffee and brushing my teeth. Definitely need to be more consistent though. Thanks for the pep 🙂

  39. My husband and I just had our second boy, and since I was going to be a stay at home mom from this point on, I knew it was important for me to develop a morning routine (since I’m always up, anyways!)

    I think an important thing you could add to the list is to EAT BREAKFAST. I’m not a huge breakfast fan, but if I skip it, then I never get time to eat anything else because either the toddler needs food or the newborn is hungry, and sometimes I don’t get to eat anything until dinner rolls around and the husband is home to help! How unhealthy can that be!! Seriously, take the time in the morning before the rest of your world starts to eat breakfast. It is important to take care of yourself, especially on that level.

  40. Timing is amazing. I just had a conversation with another mother and she was telling me that even the days she works from home she still gets up and makes her bed, gets dressed (down to wearing make up), because she knows she will get more done. As she was saying this, I thought to myself, “I never make my bed.” So even though it is something small, I started making my bed. My husband and I both commented on how much we like seeing our bed made and turning down a made bed at night. We feel so grown up, we laugh to ourselves. Now, reading your article, I feel motivated to do everything you are suggesting! On the weekends when I am home I don’t get dressed and I feel that I don’t get as much done because I’m lazier when I’m in my pajamas. Then of course I justify my laziness which is even worse. So I guess what I am trying to say is, thank you! I hope to incorporate a morning routine so that my children, husband, home, and our lives can all be more organized and put together! Great read! Thanks!

  41. Hi dear. I think yours is a universal problem. I am a working mom from “sunny South Africa” (not so sunny in these winter months) who has to get my 2 kids and partner ready and out the door each morning. I do try to get up before them and wake them when breakfast (read cereal) is on the table. My kids 7&9, pack their schoolboys and set their uniform out the night before. They just add their lunchbox in the morning after getting dressed. This helps a lot! Also, I organise their goodies every now and again, having their brushes and alicebands etc all together, knowing where to find their shoe Polish, all thosesmall things, makes a huge difference to our morning…

  42. This is such a true post. I recently discovered the power of waking up first and how it can tone for the day thanks for sharing! I work so I have a super rushed morning and HAVE to get ready but not being so rushed and having demands as soon as I open my eyes has made my day tun much smoother.

  43. Absolutely love this…the *before* is my every day. But I have a plan (thanks to your awesome suggestions) and I’m so hopeful that it’s going to be a better week. I think the kids and hubby will have a better start to each day this way, as well. Thank you!!!

  44. Wow. I really like your first tip about waking up earlier than the kids in the am. This is what I also struggle with. I also don’t wear make up anymore. It’s true when you’re put together and you start the day right, you set the tone for the rest of your day. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Hey superrr-mom, love to read your tips and tricks to struggle the busy morning times with kids. So I know I’m not the only mom who is battle this war with the ticking clock every morning. Keep on the good job…..cheers ! WL Jenny from Holland

  46. Such great ideas! I’m a working mom and leave before my daughter gets up. My husband is awesome though, his schedule is a little more flexible most days. He is a pastor, so, unless someone is having an early morning surgery or something, he gets our daughter up and out the door for school. He always gets up and starts my truck so I won’t be cold I’ve been very blessed.

  47. The best thing that I did was buy a programmable coffee maker. I set it to brew 5 minutes before my alarm goes off so I wake up to fresh brewed coffee to help me get my day going.

  48. You are amazing Natalie! You always seem to have things together and you accomplish much. Someone once told me, “an ounce of morning is worth a pound of afternoon.” I like to make sure things are straight before I go to bed. I sleep better knowing things are straight. I sure love you! Keep up the good work’

  49. The best thing to do is to sleep early,exsercising and make a schedule for cleaning ,you will be the best mom and wife for the family

  50. This is a wonderful article – thank you! I too struggle with each of these things… But feel SO good when I reach even a few of these goals!!! Thank you for the great reminder!

  51. I do better, too, when I’m up and ready before my kids (which hasn’t happened much since Duncan was born!). Someone once told me to “put your house to bed at night”–meaning to do the quick little clean-ups and such before bed so when you wake up in the morning, you’re not overwhelmed by a messy house. I’m terrible at this (because I’m sleep deprived right now!), but when I do it, it does make me feel better in the morning. I’m hoping to get a better routine going soon! And BTW, I think you’re doing pretty great!

  52. You’re an amazing woman, wife and mom! You’ve got this Natalie and you bless many lives each day!

  53. I too am a stay at home mom. My problem was staying up way too late reading or watching a show, then in the morning I’d be a grump. I changed my going to bed habits drastically & I’m in bed most nights by 10pm. The family has seen a big change for the better! Love your posts! ♡

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