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Bedroom Gallery Wall {and a discount code for}

Bedroom Gallery Wall {and a discount code for}

My husband, Casey, is one of the calmest people I know. It takes a lot to get him worked up and angry (unless you’re our kids- they know which buttons to push to get him riled up). But to me, he’s very patient and calm. Always. Sometimes I even try to get him to fight with me, and he won’t.

But, I found what gets him mad. Even at me.

Holes. In. The. Wall.

We just barely built a new house and Casey did a lot of the work on it. He worked so hard, that anytime the kids slam a door, spill on the carpet, or I haphazardly hang a picture off-center or crooked on the wall, a piece of him dies inside.

So when I wanted to hang a bunch of pictures of the two of us on our bedroom wall to surprise him, I knew that banging holes in the wall would be the opposite of a pleasant surprise for him. I thought and thought about how I could do a gallery wall without putting a bunch of nail holes in the wall, and then it came to me: mounted photos!


And what did my dear husband say when I unveiled my secret creation? “it’s too mushy”… I think what he meant to say is “It’s a good representation of how much we love each other”.

I got all of my photos printed from MPIX. They are AWESOME!!!

I had them mounted on single weight mountboard, and the prints are perfect to hang on the wall with some painter’s tape and NO NAILS! It’s like a Christmas miracle for Casey!

The prints were really great quality! They are good priced, and they look awesome!

Their website is super easy to use, and their prints shipped SUPER quick. Like I ordered them on Wednesday and they were on my doorstep by Friday afternoon.

I added a white border to my prints, which really makes them pop on the wall- since they aren’t framed at all.

These prints are all so special to me. Each one has it’s one story of a special time in our lives, like when Casey proposed to me, or our annual motorcycle anniversary trip, or just skiing together. I LOVE to see these photos {even if it’s mushy}, and having them printed out and displayed means the world to me!

ahhh. So in love. As long as there aren’t random nail holes in the wall and all my pictures are hung straight!

So…. would you like to get some of your special memories off of your computer and hanging on your wall? Mpix has offered a 10% discount to my readers, just cause you guys are awesome!

You can go to their website {here}

Enter the code CORDUROYDREAMS13 at checkout, and you’ll recieve 10% off your order from now until April 12th.

And hurry, because if you order before April 10th, they are also offering free shipping- which is super speedy!

Trust me, your husbands will thank you!

Come back in a few days and I’ll show you how I made that cute love note banner. I bet you could figure it out!

This post was written by me, in exchange for products from All photos and opinions are 100% mine, and I’m proud to say that I honestly like this company, their service, and their pricing. I really do recommend them!