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A House of Order {revised}

Today, I was starting to do my daily jobs, and I looked at the printable I shared with you on Monday and realized that I left bathrooms completely off the list… which is too bad, because cleaning the bathroom is my favorite job!

So I revised my printables, and have updated them on the post I posted Monday. So, if you happened to snatch them up on Monday, lucky you! You don’t have to ever clean bathrooms again… tell your husband I said so. But, if you’d like the revised version, you can click on the link {here} to download the word file, which you may edit however you’d like. Or, just right-click on this image and save it to your computer.


Happy Vacuum and Mop Day!

Sunday 28th of February 2016

Help I can't get the printables

Friday 12th of October 2012

I like the printable :) I try to break up my cleaning throughout the week as well, but it's nice to see it written down so it actually gets done.