A Dozen Days of Easter Eggs {Easter Countdown}

In case you were counting, Easter is in 16 days! I know, it seems weird to be doing all of this Easter stuff before St Patrick’s Day!

2 years ago, my sister, Emily, and I did “A Dozen Days of Easter Eggs” to countdown to Easter. And I wanted to post all of the fun ideas we had to count down to Easter so you can do it this year with your family.

{This idea originally came from Eighteen25.}


Easter Countdown

Here are a few different countdowns we’ve done. Be creative!


Egg Tree

Felt Peep Bunting

Peanut Butter Nests

Caramel Popcorn Balls



Bird Cookies

2011-04-22 birdseed 014

Don’t Eat Pete Game


Planting Seeds

Paper Plate Bunnies

2008-03-20 020

You’ve Been Egged

2011-04-09 Egged 016

Easter Egg Play Dough

2011-04-12 Dough Eggs 021


Decorate Baskets or Buckets (and have a pretend Egg Hunt)

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