A Cheater’s way to make Pallet Art (without actually using a pallet)

Last week I showed you how I made my very own pallet art to hang on my wall, without having to chop up a pallet.

People do some amazing things with pallets, and I love the way they look! But most often, to use the pallet, you have to rip it apart and cut it up, which sounds no bueno to me. So, I came up with a cheater’s way to make it look like you have pallet art in your home, without actually having to go to all that work. And, each one only cost about five dollars. 

I posted the tutorial with the technique of how to build your pallet {here}.  Remember my “choose happy” sign?


Well, I loved the pallet look SOOO much, that I wanted another one. 

So I whipped this one up for my bathroom. 

 The technique to building your “pallet” is the same.

Simply take some cedar fencing slats from Lowe’s or Home Depot, and have them cut off the dog ear on one end, and then cut it in half.

Then screw them together on the back with a scrap piece of wood. Add some wire. And paint!

 I wanted the ombre effect, so I started by painting the bottom board with the full blue color, then added a few drops of white to the paint as I went up, painting each board separately. By the time I got to my top board, I was about even, one-part white, to one-part blue.

 After it was painted and dry, I traced the words on with a pencil. I had to erase and re-write a few times, but after I was happy with how the words looked, I painted over them with a fine paintbrush and white paint.

It doesn’t look perfect, and that’s the beauty of it. The best part of the pallet art is that it’s rustic and imperfect. 

 I love the way it looks in my bathroom. I always struggle with what to hang on my bathroom walls, because it’s bound to get a little steamy in there, and I don’t want to ruin any expensive artwork. So this fits the bill perfectly. cheap, easy, it won’t get ruined, and it can fill the whole space. I get a lot of bang for my buck!

Tomorrow, I’ll be on Studio 5 again, showing you how to make this cool pallet art. If you are local, you can see me on KSL (channel 5) at 11:00 am. And, if you want to see me last time I was on, you can see it {here}. 


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