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17 Simple Furniture Building Plans for Beginners

17 Simple Furniture Building Plans for Beginners

These simple furniture building plans are simple enough for even beginners to make.

17 simple furniture building plans for beginners

You guys know how much I love furniture building, especially my own furniture! I love the satisfaction I get when someone asks where I bought a piece of furniture in my home, and I can say “I built it”.

But the thought of building your own furniture can seem so overwhelming. So today I want to share 17 simple furniture building plans for beginners.

These plans are from some super cool bloggers who know what they’re doing, and will walk you through every step of each project.

Furniture Building Plans

DIY Farmhouse Bench – The Creative Mom.

This farmhouse bench cost less than $20 to build and only took me an afternoon (with no help from the husband!). It’s so quick and easy. It’s the perfect project to start out with.

simple furniture building plans


Farmhouse Coffee Table – The Creative Mom

The cool thing about this table is that the “bones” of the table are from Ikea. So you just add the planking to the top. Super simple and super inexpensive. It’s a great project to bust out some glue and your saw.

Simple furniture plans


Twin Bed with Faux Raised Panel – Her Tool Belt

This bed has been on my list to make for my little girl for a long while! It is a piece of furniture that will last the test of time. And it’s pretty adorable too. Amy has the full set of plans on her site, Her Tool Belt.

Simple building plans

Simple Furniture plans


DIY Planter Box Centerpiece – The Creative Mom

If the idea of a full-blown piece of furniture seems a little overwhelming, start with something simple to put on a table top.

Like this Planter Box Centerpiece. It only cost 8 dollars, and took an hour or so to build. It’s a great project to start with.

Simple Furniture Plans


DIY Cupcake Stand – Shanty 2 Chic

Another simple building idea is this sweet cupcake stand. It is the perfect plan for a beginner, and would be a great piece to pull out on special occasions. Then dazzle everyone by saying you build it yourself!


simple building plans


Entryway Organizer – Sawdust 2 Stitches

How perfect would this entryway organizer be for your house! And how much better would it be if you built it yourself! This would be a great build.

easy furniture building plans


Step Stool – Her Tool Belt

I need a stepstool in my home so badly. This is an easy build, and would be so useful. I think I’m going to have to add it to my list of projects to build.

easy furniture building plans


Farmhouse Kids Craft Table – Jen Woodhouse

Farmhouse tables are the greatest thing that ever happened to a DIY gal like myself. But it can seem overwhelming! So why not try your hand at a miniature version instead!

easy furniture building plans


Bike and Scooter Rack – Her Tool Belt

Any family with kids needs this bike and scooter rack. Not only is this a cool build, but it’s such a genius idea. This one is going on my list for sure!

simple building plans


Lemonade Stand – Ana White

No furniture plan roundup would be complete without something from the queen herself, Ana White. How cute is this lemonade stand? It would be such a fun build! 

easy furniture building plans


Easiest Stools Ever – Rogue Engineer

These stools are an awesome build. They are the perfect project for a Saturday afternoon. And such a fun color too!


DIY Desk – Shanty 2 Chic

Can you believe this desk only cost $70 to build? How cool is that! If you are looking to start building furniture, definitely put this one on your to-do list.

simple furniture building plans


Bookcase – I am Homemaker

Bookcases make the perfect beginner build. Everything is nice and square and even, so you don’t need to worry about too many things going wrong. Love this one from I am Homemaker.

easy building plans


Bedside Table – Rogue Engineer

Bedside tables are on my to-build list. I think I might have to give these babies a try. It definitely looks like a simple build. And that hardware makes the piece really pop!

simple furniture building plans


DIY Breakfast Bar – I am Homemaker

A great idea when starting to build furniture is to build something that calls for simple 2×4 boards, like my farmhouse bench, or this breakfast bar. I love this one!

simple furniture building plans


Floating Shelves – Shanty 2 Chic

Aren’t these floating shelves dreamy? I love them so much! They would be a great project to start out with. The best part is they could go in any space!

easy furniture building plans


DIY Dog Bed – Shanty 2 Chic

If building furniture for humans seems a little over your head, try building something for your pet! This simple DIY dog bed from Shanty 2 Chic. So cute, and so simple!

dog bed


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