Excuse our mess…. We live here

I was surprised the other day when someone told me they wished they had my life. She commented that my house is decorated so cute and it is always clean and my kids are always so cute and happy and that my marriage is just wonderful and that it just seems like I’ve got it all together all the time.


WOW!  That’s a lot to live up to. I do have to admit that I am very blessed. I would never change anything about my life, but trust me when I say it is far from perfect.
Of course, her perspective of my life came primarily from my blog. I can’t remember the last time she actually came to my home, and I honestly do not see her that often, so she is taking what she sees here and assuming that my life is always as wonderful as it seems on this blog. But in all truthfulness, blogging is a little deceiving because there are a lot of things that I don’t show you and life is not always as wonderful as it seems.
 Pretty much every photo I put on my blog is edited. I crop out the mess and I bump up the color to make everything look vibrant and exciting. I also stage my photos. When I take a picture of something I’ve made or decorated, I make sure it’s presented perfectly, without the mess surrounding it. In fact, usually when I’m taking a picture of something I just made, I’ve neglected all of my other responsibilities to make it, so the rest of my house is in shambles. If you could see everything going on around that perfect little staged photo, you would be shocked!
One of my most popular blog posts was this ruffled lamp.
This was one of my favorite projects and I still love the way this photo looks. It looks like this lamp came straight off of the pages of Pottery Barn’s latest catalog. So pretty.

The reason this lamp is outside is because the inside of my house got torn to pieces while in the process of making it, so I headed outside to a more pleasant atmosphere to photograph it.
And where is this lamp now? Oh! here it is, sitting in a pile of mess in Molly’s room.  I have every good intention to decorate her room super cute and this lamp will fit in perfectly with the decor…. one day. But guess what? We live in this house, and yes, sometimes it looks like this:


Something that makes me smirkle is when someone comments on how my house is always clean and must be perfectly decorated and just so cute all of the time. HA!!!! The truth is that we haven’t lived in this house all that long, and most of my walls are still bare and I haven’t found a place for everything yet. I haven’t decorated it perfectly, not matter how good I’ve got you fooled. And of course, my house is NOT always clean. Here is what it looks like now, as I write this post:


I’ve pretty much always got a load or two of laundry waiting to be folded on my bed. It drives Casey CRAZY when he goes to get in bed at night and has to deal with this mess. And of course, because of this mess, our clothes sometimes have that “sat in the laundry basket for a week” look.

My kitchen isn’t always exactly straight and presentable. Yes, there are cereal bowls on the counter and we don’t have dining chairs, so we used folding metal chairs.

My kids play here. They get toys out and sometimes their toys don’t get cleaned up right away. Uh-oh. Another example that there is an actual family, with actual children, who actually live here.

And my children? Well, they are perfect. Always clean and well behaved. They never get into mischief or throw tantrums.
Oh wait… we are talking about MY children. Oops 🙂
It’s true that sometimes we spend all day in pajamas with CRAZY hair.
Or they pee on their face (true) And they never tackle each other… but if they did, they would be sorry about it…. HA! They are MESSY

They don’t always love each other. Here is Benson is shoving  his sisters face into the blanket at the beach.


Yes, they drew with SHARPIE on grandma’s counter.

There is always laundry.

Oh wait! Did I mention that my kids are messy?


They are messy.

Are you convinced that we are normal yet? Or maybe a little below average even?

Just remember that everything you see in people’s blogs isn’t always a true representation of how their lives are. You can’t compare someone’s best with your worst.

Even if it looks like we have it all together on our blog, we are still a little crazy on the inside. If you could peak into my home on a normal Wednesday, like today, you would see a very average family who doesn’t always have a perfect home. But we are happy here together, and I hope you are happy with your own little home wherever it is. And if you can take a tip here or a hint there or any inspiration at all from my blog, I hope it makes your a home a little more like the home of your dreams.

Happy Wednesday!


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    pretty sure that we created some of the recent mess (oh, and the sharpie). Laughed so so so hard about the pee on the face… and still think you and your kids and your house are adorable even if it’s a little messy!

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