Some Summer Sweets

I know, I know.

The giveaway isn’t until tomorrow. But….

I can’t wait!

So, I’m going to tease you all by showing you some of the amazing things I got in the mail the other day, thanks to Summer Sweets!

I was so excited to open this package, I think I might have squealed! First thing I did was send a picture to my sister, who has 2 little girls, and TOTALLY made her jealous.

Then I tried some of the sweets on Miss Molly. And she was almost as excited as I was!

Seriously, they are SO CUTE!!!

I think the cream satin flower on the cream lace headband was my favorite. So sweet and pretty.

I also love these zipper flowers! I can see these being really cute on her as she gets older and sassier (hopefully not too sassy).

This pink satin flower with the green button and green lace headband is going to be SUPER cute with her One Seam Baby Dress. Perfect for Spring time!

Don’t let Molly’s crying fool you, she loved this brown satin one too. I especially loved this sweet pink headband. So sweet!

And, of course, Summer sent me some too!

I have been really into headbands lately, and I love this light and springy flower puff headband.

And, last, but surely not least, is my favorite of all. This purple headband is GORGEOUS!!! I love it!

It’s comfy too! Some headbands really hurt my head, but these fabric wrapped headbands are wonderful! No pain at all. And I’m not just saying that.

They’re nice.

There was also a sweet little {tiny} headband that was too small for Miss Molly, so I let my 40+ week preggo neighbor take it for her little girl, to be born any day now. Hopefully she comes soon so we can get some pictures of that cute little head with a sweet little grey zipper flower on it!

I know I’ve said how sweet these are about a million times, but come on, they ARE sweet! Not only are they sweet, but trust me, with a one year old testing them out, they are very well made and high quality. Check out Summer’s shop and see for yourself how many sweet flowers and headbands she has. They are very reasonably priced, you’re sure to find something you love over there. And she has a blog too! So, please, support my newest sponsor and check it out!


Thanks, Summer for sending me all of these sweets! I love them!

Make sure you check back tomorrow for our giveaway!


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