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kitchen redo

I’m back!

We got ourselves completely moved out of our house and turned over the keys yesterday.  I hugged my sweet neighbors goodbye and looked at their kids faces one last time before I burst into tears and got in the van, totally distraught about the entire ordeal. I was honestly surprised that I am the only one who had a hard time with leaving our home sweet home. The Mr. was too worried about the trailer and the tie-downs and getting everything squared away, Molly was too tired and too young to know what was going on, and Benson was only sad about the ice cream that we couldn’t take with us, so we left with our neighbors. It was, after all, play-doh ice cream, and I was a little sad about that part too.

Here we are, on our last day of moving. Ready to hand over the keys and move on.

Although I am sad at times, we really are happy to be out of that house. We had outgrown it, and we are SOOOOOO excited to build a new home, and to live in a better (for us) area.

When we left our house for the last time, I was in a bit of hysteria. The Mr. asked me why I was so upset. I had 2 reasons:

1. I know I am going to miss my neighbors.


2. I’m leaving the house that we made our home.

The Mr. and I have really put a lot of work into that house (actually, it’s a duplex), and I felt sad knowing I was leaving all of MY special spots behind us.

That house has been like a project for me, and today, I want to share one of my favorite things we did while we were there.

Our KITCHEN re-do.

Here is what it looked like when we moved in. When we bought it, all of the walls were pink. They were quickly painted a very neutral beige, and this is what we had.

The biggest task was pulling up the carpet-tile which was GLUED straight to the floor. Carpet-tile is neither carpet nor tile, but a strange combination of both, and is NEVER a good idea.

We also painted the cabinets white and applied a dark brown glaze over top. You will notice in the picture above, that I painted "I {heart} U" on the cabinet. Pretty bold, eh? Don't worry, we covered the bar with bead board, which was also painted white and glazed. You can see what the bead board looks like (and also a closeup of my laminate floor)on my pillow tutorial {here}.

Besides painting the cabinets, putting up bead board, and installing laminate flooring, I also added new blinds, valances, and a tablecloth. Now, looking back on the pictures, I'm not sure why I didn't take down that red sign hanging above the stove.


It was a lot of work (mostly for The Mr.), but I honestly LOVED how it turned out! It really felt much brighter and cleaner once we had everything fixed up!

And, because we all love a good before and after….


You’re welcome.

Now, I know I’ve been gone for a while. Honestly, it’s because moving sucks, and I was busy.

But, I promise I am back! Since we are staying with my parents while we build our house, I’m not sure what kind of projects I’ll be doing… But, I promise I will be here.




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