Pink and Red

Happy Valentine’s Day!
I am so excited to announce that we have reached 50 followers!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!
Thank you all for reading my silly little blog. I love your emails and comments.
Like I promised, I will be hosting a little giveaway. But not today. I know, I’m mean. Come back tomorrow for the giveaway announcement.
Today is the day of LOVE.

Can I start by saying that yesterday I had ZERO plans for Valentine’s Day. Mother of the year, right? But then my son woke up at 2:30 and came in our room yelling “Happy Valentine’s Day!!!” So this morning I figured I needed to do something special, since it’s special to my 3 year old.

We celebrated by having a red and pink breakfast. Red, heart shaped French Toast, and pink strawberry milk.  The kids loved it. Then my alarm on my phone went off to remind me that my little boy’s preschool was going to start in half an hour!!! {Forgot about preschool? Mother of the year again! ha!} So we hurried and put together some little rocket valentines, thanks to The Frugal Crafter. Ours had raisins in them instead of suckers, because that’s what I had that would fit. {poor kids have to get raisins… yuck!} Tonight we will have heart-shaped pizza and Red Creme Soda. Then we will go watch The Mr.’s Basketball game and I’m planning to round off the night sitting on the couch with a big bowl of strawberry ice cream and “The Bachelor”.  Not bad for zero planning, eh?

I’m thinking after all this red and pink food, tomorrow’s diaper changing might be a whole new experience! Ha ha ha… Come on, that was funny!

What do you do to make Valentine’s Day special at your house?



  1. thefrugalcrafter says

    that is a riot! 30 minutes, wow you are a supermom. Great minds think alike, I am making the heart shaped pizzas tonight too! thanks for the link:)

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