Pillow Sham tutorial

So… I’m redoing my bedroom.
Not entirely, but somewhat.

I’m adding pillows and other items to make my room feel a little less dull. Which is hard, cause it’s got DULL everywhere.

My first move is to take off the totally comfy, but really ugly fishing quilt. Remember it?
After adding a soft blue duvet, I decided we need pillows.
Here’s the first one I made.
Here’s how you can make your own pillow sham. This is perfect if you have pillow forms (like I did), or if you want to re-cover an old pillow.
You’ll need a piece of fabric the same size as your pillow, but 2 1/2 times as wide. 
(plus 1/4 inch seam allowance.)
Finish off your ends by folding then sewing.
Then fold your fabric around your pillow and pin. 
My mom is going to be sooo proud of me. I ironed AND pinned. Very rare.
Sew the edges of your pillow. Inside out.
Turn right side out and that’s it!
I decided I wanted a button on the front of mine, so I made a fabric covered button (just buy a little kit at your craft store.)
I tried to sew it all the way through my pillow, but it was tough. So I cheated and just put a safety pin through the whole thing. This is what the back looks like. I also didn’t want anything permanent, because I wanted to be able to take off the pillow sham and wash it if my kids smear chocolate on it or anything.
Then I sewed my button on front. Easy, Easy.
I’ll be showing you the other pillows I’ve made in a few days, so check back. Isn’t this fabric LOVELY?
And yes, the weather is still bad for spray painting, so the thrift store finds will be on hold.
Tomorrow I get to make 10 dozen football cupcakes for boy scouts, so I probably won’t be doing any projects. The Mr. is a scout leader, and when they said they were going to pay $80 for cupcakes, I offered to make them instead.



  1. Lauren says

    I've been wanting new pillows for my couches cuz i just have brown ones and I really would love some color. I think this will be my first sewing project!!

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