Painted Pillows

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Since I posted those pictures of my very NAKED looking living room a few days ago, I have been really bugged that I don’t have any TEXTURE or PATTERNS in my living room.

Very BLAH, right?


So, I took one of those GREEN pillows, and decided to give it a makeover.

I got these pillows for $3 each at Ikea, so I figured if I ruined one, I’m only out $3. Or, I could re-cover it. No big deal…

I have been in LOVE with Cherry Blossoms lately. So, I printed off this cherry blossom I got from Google Images.

Using my printout as my guide, but not necessarily copying it, I traced some branches onto my pillow with a pencil

Using fabric paint like this “Simply Screen”, only in brown, I painted my branches onto my pillow.

Pretty OK for basically free handing.


Then I took some white fabric paint and painted my blossoms onto the ends of the branches.

There’s really no technique to this, other than each blossom is basically 4 blobs, with a space in the center.

And there you have it!!! A MUCH prettier pillow!

Now, what to do with the other 2 pillows?

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