Our bed makeover

Remember when I showed you how to make a date night basket and I revealed a teensy, eensy, bitty secret that I had this fishing quilt on my bed? 
Let me explain.
We love this quilt. It is super soft and cozy. So, during the cold winter months, we sometimes always sleep with it on our bed. 
I know, it’s not very stylish.
In my defense, no one EVER goes into our bedroom. We have a teeny little house, so whenever people come over, we almost always throw everything in our room and close the door (I know, Mom, you didn’t raise me that way.)
Someday we’ll have an adequate sized house, and then we’ll have places for things.
Until then, I am really trying to make my bedroom feel less BLAH!!!
My first step was making these pillows. Remember when I showed you how to make that cute green one? I used the same technique (minus the button) for the coral and white pillows. I still have some embellishing to do with those, but for now, they are better than what we had, so I’m happy.

I also put on my old, trusty down comforter, with this soft, blue duvet.

I love how much brighter it makes our room seem. So cheery.

Much better.
Honestly, though, who am I fooling?
Usually, our bed looks like this!
Those cute pillows are under that laundry mountain somewhere.
I can’t believe I just showed you that.
Oh well.
Now you know I’m a real mom with real laundry issues.



  1. Stephanie M. Hasty says

    love it. our room looks like that as well, minus the fish quilt and add…dirty clothes on the floor and a basket that the clean, folded laundry should be in, good thing bedrooms have doors!…again, thanks for sharing

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