A One-seam Baby Dress Tutorial

I love sewing for my kids, it is so fun and I feel so proud saying “I made that!” So when I saw this fabric at Hobby Lobby, I knew it would make a REALLY cute dress for my little girl. And it did!!!
Wanna make your own? Here’s how!
You’ll need:
1/2 yard fabric
some ribbon
sewing machine
I got this fabric at Hobby Lobby. It was $12.99 per yard, but I used my 40% off coupon, so it wasn’t too bad. I got half a yard for my one year old. Just measure around your little girl’s bust, and that will tell you how much fabric you’ll need.
Then put right sides together and sew a seam straight down.
You could stop here and have a really cute tube top dress. But I could see that coming right off  little Miss Molly, so I decided to add straps. I guess that technically doesn’t make this a one seam dress anymore, but oh well.
I just sewed a couple of pieces of ribbon to the top for straps.
And it quickly went from a tube top dress to a halter dress.
I guess she didn’t like the halter dress.
So I added some straps to the back too, so then it just tied on top.
I think she liked this version better. 
It just happened that this was a good length for a long dress, but you might have to sew another seam and shorten it a little for your little girl.
So easy, and really, very cheap. 
The whole dress took about 10 minutes, including the tantrum she threw when I put it on her.
The fabric only cost me $2.60 and I already had the ribbon.
Send me a photo if you do this project, I would LOOVE to see it!



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