Lucky Shamrock Frame

So far, my house has ZERO St. Patty’s day decorations. I guess it’s just not a big “decorating” holiday for me. My front door is looking especially bare. I haven’t decided if I’m going to hang this inside or on my front door. We’ll see.
Wanna make your own? Here’s how:
I took some green fabric left over from making my kids their St. Patrick’s Day outfits, and stuck two pieces together with Wonder Under. Just follow the directions on the package. So I had green on the front and back. 
Then trace a shamrock on it.
The Mr. says if it isn’t a 4-leaf clover then it isn’t lucky, so I hope this one doesn’t bring any bad luck. I just thought it was cuter.
Once I had my double-sided shamrock, I starched the crap out of it. We don’t want a floppy shamrock, do we now?
Then I took some embroidery floss and stitched around the edges, leaving enough on the top to hang it by.
This part was tricky. I just took some paint and painted on the word “Lucky”. 
Now you’re ready to attach your shamrock to your frame.
Remember this thrift store frame? It cost me a whole DOLLAR!
First thing I did when I brought it home was spray paint it white… Along with about everything else I could sneak out of our house without The Mr. knowing…. Anyway, it looks AWESOME!

Just hot glue your shamrock to the back of your frame and you’re DONE!
Since I did the shamrock double-sided, you can have it say “lucky” or just be plain.
I’m thinking maybe after St. Patrick’s day, I might hang this little baby in our room. That way, The Mr. will know if he’s gonna get “lucky” or not…. Oh, come on! That was funny!
And here’s the finished product!



  1. B. says

    This looks so cute on your front door! I love driving past your house in the mornings to take Tyton to school!

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