Kounter Keeper Review {New Sponsor + a Giveaway!}

I am so excited to introduce you guys to my newest sponsor, Kounter Keeper!

This is an awesome product, made by a mom DIY-er, just like me, who couldn’t find anything to keep her counter from being ruined by her hot tools.

And trust me, my counter has had more than one run in with a hot tool… So I was really excited to be able to review this product.

 My favorite use for the Kounter Keeper is for my hot glue gun, of course!

Before the kounter keeper, I used to set my hot glue gun on a paper plate, and hope it didn’t catch my house on fire… yikes.

But now I have these cute Kounter Keepers, that I absolutely LOVE using for my glue gun.

If the glue ever drips on it, I wait for it to cool, and once it’s hard, the glue pops right off, and it’s just like new.

 I also love to use it in my kitchen. I use it for pots and pans, and anything else hot.

One of the best features about the Kounter Keeper, is that it washes so easily. I just give it a quick scrub in the sink, and it looks just like new!

And of course, it’s great for my hair tools.

As much as I love this product, I think my husband might love it more! Or at least he loves that he’s not going to have to replace the countertops once I ruin them.

You guys know that I would never recommend a product if I didn’t truly believe in the product and the people behind the product.

And you can betcha that I LOVE this product, and the great people who stand behind it. I love supporting a local (to me), family owned company, with good customer service.

The Kounter Keeper comes in 4 different colors, I chose Tangerine and Teal, and they are only $8.99 each, which is WAAAAY less than a new countertop (trust me!).

Go {here} and pick up one or two for yourselves. Your husband will thank you!

And, make sure to enter to win a Kounter Keeper of your own!

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Oh, and if you look closely, you can see me using my Kounter Keeper in this little segment I did for my local news station.


  1. Chatana Krebs says

    I just love you Nat!! Why oh why did we ever move away from you!! Let’s craft together soon!! Oh and PS I’d love to win the kounter keeper 🙂

  2. Colleen says

    I’ve never seen anything like this and think it’s really cool! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway! 🙂

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