House Numbers on Front Door

Remember how we built a house? Well, we did most of the work on the house… and when I say “we”, I mean “Casey”.

And one thing “we” didn’t think about was house numbers. And again, I mean “Casey” didn’t think about house numbers. I did, of course. And I wanted to have the brick layer add a house number plaque straight into the brick, but of course, it was too expensive- said the husband. So, when it came time to have our home inspection, we failed because of one thing- house numbers. Of course, I took the opportunity to use the phrase “I told you so”… and then I got creative.

Since we didn’t really want to drill house numbers into our brick or our vinyl siding, the best option for us was to add it to our front door in vinyl.

I simply cut our house numbers out of outdoor vinyl with my Silhouette and stuck it on.

I love the way it adds instant curb appeal to our home.

It took me about 5 minutes from start to finish, and it makes a HUGE impact on how our house looks.

Ooh, and I spy my cute little painted milk can.

So, husband, we have learned three lessons from this experience:

1. I am ALWAYS right.

2. When you mess up, I will come to your rescue. And it will most likely be cuter anyway.

3. I’m not above using the phrase “I told you so”.


  1. allison says

    I am in the middle of preparing for a move and almost everyday I feel like I’m living your 3 lessons!

    Your door looks awesome!

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