Hooded Towel Tutorial

Does it seem like I’m doing a lot of sewing lately? I don’t know why, but it seems like the more I sew, the more I love it!!!!! Today I want to show you my all time favorite baby shower gift. A hooded towel. My sister in law made one for me and I have LOVED it, so I always give them as gifts. It’s super easy to make, cheap, and really cute in a little tub or basket with bath soap and lotions. It’s just like the hooded towels they sell in the store, except much bigger, thicker, and of course, cheaper. Have you ever used those baby towels they sell {for $15 each}? I actually liked using them with my newborns, but once the baby was 3 months old, the towel was too small for the job. Thus, the full size hooded towel. Your toddlers will LOVE it!

Want to make one?
Here’s what you’ll need {makes 2}:
2 bath towels
1 hand towel {not washcloth}
Sewing Machine
Thread, scissors, pins
Leave your bath towel as is, but cut your hand towel in half. {width wise, not length wise}. Each half will make one hood. So you’ll only need one hand towel for 2 bath towels.
Take one of your hand towel halves and put right sides together. Serge down the cut edge. This is the only part you will need the serger for.
I used to take a whole bunch of hand towels to my mom’s house before I had my serger and just serge this part. It’s nice to do a whole bunch at once so then you’ll just have them for when you need them.
Back to the project…
Then fold up the edge that you didn’t cut and top stitch across it. This helps so the hood isn’t too big for little heads
This is what it should look like {below}. Notice the seam at the top.
If you want to, you can add embellishments to the hood, but make sure whatever you put on can be washed. My sister in law put really cute duck buttons on the towel she made me, but sadly, they came un-glued in the dryer. If you want to be really crafty, you could add some bunny ears or something to top.
Now pin your hood to your towel. Right side to right side {if towels have a right side}
Please ignore my chipped fingernail polish.
The serged edge of the hood should be in the center of your towel. Again, right sides together.
Top-stitch down the edge of the towel.
And, whalla!
You can enlarge this picture {below} to see how the hood is attached if you’re confused.
Total, to make both hooded towels, it cost $8 and took me 5 minutes each.
And now, just because I’m the mom and I can, I will share some pictures of my kids using their towels. Aren’t just-bathed babies the cutest?

We should take a vote… Don’t you think my kids have the BIGGEST, most beautiful eyes? Maybe I’m biased.


  1. Amy @ Increasingly Domestic says

    I have been meaning to make some of these for some time now, but you have inspired me to move it up my list:)

    Your children are gorgeous!

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