Felt Peep Bunting

It’s about time to start thinking about Easter.

At our house, when I think about Easter, I think about peeps.

I, personally, do not like peeps. But the kids and The Mr. love them! So, in their honor, here is our new Felt Peep Bunting.

Wanna make your own? Here’s how:

You’ll need:

Felt, Scissors (or pinking sheers), and glue or a sewing machine.

For my felt, I just got a bunch of these sheets for 29 cents each at Joann’s.

I got 6 white sheets for the backs, and 1 each of 4 different colors.

Start by cutting your felt sheets (9×12) in half. Only cut the ones you’re using for the back. I had 6 sheets, so I ended up with 12 felt squares. You can use regular scissors, or pinking sheers like I did.

If you’re anything like The Mr, you might be wondering what pinking sheers are.

They are basically scissors that cut zig-zagged. When you cut fabric, pinking sheers make it so the fabric won’t fray. Of course, it doesn’t matter with felt, but it still looks cool!

And, they are pretty pricey. About $35. So, when I saw some for 75% off because the package had been opened, I snatched them up. And I could NOT WAIT to use them!

Ok, back to the tutorial.

So, once you cut your felt sheets in half, cut the other sides with the pinking sheers too. You should end up with one straight edge and 3 zig-zagged edges. Or, if you’re using regular scissors, just cut your felt in half and that’s it.

I drew a free-handed peep bunny and cut it out as a template.


Trace your bunny onto your felt and then cut out your felt.

As I was tracing, my 3 year old said “MMMM… what smells so good?” Yeah, it was the Sharpie.

At this point, you have 2 options. Use Tacky Glue (shown), or Hot Glue to glue on your bunnies, or sew them on.

Gluing is easier. Sewing is cuter. Take your pick!

I chose to sew.

Here’s a tip. Well, 2 tips.

First: Sew evenly on the edges. Trust me, I didn’t.

Second: When you’re sewing around the curves, and you need to turn… Stop with the needle in the felt, lift up your presser foot, and turn the fabric, then drop your presser foot and keep going. Easy.

Keep sewing (or gluing) all of your bunnies until they are all on the backing.

Then draw on the eyes and nose (or mouth?) with a Sharpie. Make sure to use properĀ ventilation!!! Ha!

Once all of your bunnies are on their backings, sew (or hot glue) them all onto a LONG ribbon.

I left an inch between each one.

And there you go! You’re done!

You can do as many different colors as you’d like. I chose these four.

And then we hung the whole thing in our front window.

And yes, it turned out quite dreamy.



  1. Tami says

    Very cute! Nick would like this too because he loves peeps! I love the picture of Bens staring out the window!

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