Door Decor

My house is never very decorated, but I always like to have something cute hanging on my front door. I’m not sure why. Maybe I want to give the illusion that everything inside that door is perfectly decorated and cute as can be!!! That’s right, I said ILLUSION.

The last thing I had hanging on my front door was my Lucky Shamrock Frame. Before that, it was my Crepe Paper Rose Wreath.

Now, I’ve got this baby to welcome guests into my home.



Wanna make your own? Here’s what you’ll need:

Shadow Box or frame


Scrapbook Paper

Mod Podge

3 strips of fabric (about 3 x 24 inches)

Scrapbook paper for “welcome” pennant


Here’s how to make it!

I started out with this shadow box frame I got at the Thrift Store (DI). It was a dollar.

I hope you aren’t thinking, “Oh great! Now I can’t do this, because what are the chances my Thrift Store is gonna have one of those!” I know!!! I hate when the blogs I follow do AMAZING things with Thrift Store finds, and I know there’s NO WAY I’m gonna find something like that at my thrift store. Really, though, you could use any frame or shadow box you can find. It doesn’t have to be the same size or style as mine. Just use what you have or what you can find.


I sprayed the whole thing with “Blue Ocean Breeze” by Krylon. (LOOOOOVE this color!!!)


Then I podged (yup, I’m cool!) some scrapbook paper on the back.


I found this paper at Joann. It’s kind of like a stencil or cut out. You could cut your own if you have a Cricut or Silhouette, but this was on sale for 50 cents (normally $1.99!!!), so I snatched it up.


You could also use regular old scrapbook paper, or even fabric. It’s always nice to use whatever you have on hand.

Make sure to smooth out any bubbles you have in your paper. My paper was 12×12, and my shadow box was not. So I wrapped my paper up the edges instead of cutting off the cute edges.

If you are making this with a regular old picture frame, just podge the scrapbook paper on the mat or backing of the frame.


Another layer of Mod Podge on top…


Sand the edges to distress…


Now, you need to decide what to put IN your frame. I cut out some triangles to make a pennant , banner, bunting, garland, whatever you want to call it.

These are just regular old scrapbook paper cut into triangles with the letters cut from vinyl and stuck on top. If you don’t have vinyl, just write, stencil, or print your letters on the paper and cut out the triangles.

I wanted mine double sided, so I put “WELCOME” on one side, and “GO AWAY” on the other side. So far, I’ve been in a good mood, so it’s stayed on the welcome side.


I attached my letters to regular old ribbon using hot glue.


Once my “WELCOME” triangles were on, I attached the “GO AWAY” triangles to the back. You could mod podge over the triangles if you want, and you should if it’s going to be handing on your door, outside in the weather. I didn’t, because I am lazy, and mine will be behind our glass storm door.


Then I stuck 3 fabric rosettes in one corner. If you need help making rosettes, see my tutorials {HERE} or {HERE}. I used the same technique I used when making my Crepe Paper Rose Wreath, and my Spring Kissing Balls, only I used fabric instead.


And there you go!

Really, you could stick anything you want inside this shadow box. You could even change it out for the seasons. Put a little pumpkin in there, or some little flip flops, or a tiny Christmas tree. It’s all up to you!


I love the little pop of SPRING this gives to my house!!!!

Thanks to TaterTots and Jello for being my inspiration!


Thanks for stopping by. If you make something like this, please send me a picture! I love to see what you’re working on!


  1. says

    So cute. I laughed out loud when I read that you made the other side say “go away”. If you put that up when I come over I will be TOTALLY offended!! 🙂

  2. says

    So weird, I bought a shadow box a while back(January). Left it sitting with no inspiration. I bought that paper at Joann’s like you and got it on sale in February. Left it with no inspiration,. Then recently I put the paper in the shadow box and thought cute. But left it.
    But now I see this and it is adorable. I also put a wedding picture in mine just to play around so maybe I will do the same as you but not for my door.
    I can’t believe we are on the same line of thought. haha
    love this, sooo cute and so fun!!!!

    • says


      Thanks for the comment. That is SO FUNNY that you already had everything! I’m glad I could inspire you! Send me a picture when you get it done!


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