Bathroom Re-do

Today I am going through old posts that I’ve written, and just never published. So, enjoy this goodie from our old house.

Bathroom re-do.

This is what it looked like before we moved in. VERY PINK!!!

This is what it looked like after we moved in. Carpet on the floor and baby in the tub. (That baby is now 4!)
We (The Mr.) ripped up the carpet and there was linoleum under it.
I painted the vanity. It went from off-white to chocolate brown.
The Mr laid tile.

This is what it looked like for a long time. No carpet, no baby in the tub. Chocolate brown and pink.
One day, The Mr. came home to this! He had ok-ed the painting, but I made it permanent!
The Mr. was so good to cut and install all of the beadboard.
We did the beadboard 5 feet up, and installed new lighting and a new cabinet mirror.
The last step was installing the trim. I love what good trim does for a room!
Even when it’s not very clean, the bathroom looked and felt MUCH cleaner afterwards.


  1. heidi says

    i did a similar redo!!!!! Love me my beadboard! glued it right over the existing tile. what a difference!!!!

    • says

      Krista, we put the beadboard right against the floor and them put baseboard over it, at the floor. And yes, we put it on every wall that we could. It is a small bathroom, and most if it was taken up by the shower and tub, so we did it where we could. Thanks for the comment!

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